Dear Mahindra-ite, Welcome to the Mahindra Idols 2013-14. Over the years, Mahindra Idols has evolved to increase the role holders covered, as well as the level of competition to recognize & reward the best of talent in our channel. Keeping in line with the trend, this year the competition promises to be more exciting and challenging thereby extracting the best from each one of you. Each one of you can be the next Mahindra Idol. It's only a matter of taking that First Step and thus challenging your own self to propel to the next level.
Now that we have embarked on our journey of Crusade, delightful customer experience is our highest priority. I am sure that enthusiastic and wholehearted participation in Mahindra Idols will be a great learning experience for each one of you. This entire process is bound to sharpen your customer handling knowledge & skills, provided each one of us live up to the true spirit of Mahindra Idols. So let's STEP UP to accept new challenges, scale New Heights, break New Barriers, set New Records and emerge as Mahindra Idols 2013-14. All the best! Arun Malhotra
Chief Sales and Customer Care Officer
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. - Automotive Division